The Only Way To Manage And Monitor Your Web3 Finance

Enable financial workflows such as reconciliation, balance calculation, audit and reporting for Web3 assets from on-ramp to off-ramp

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Backed by top tier Web3 investors and founders

Backed by top tier Web3 investors and founders

Backed by top tier Web3 investors and founders

Backed by top tier Web3 investors and founders

The First Web3
Financial Data Lake

Built for finance teams, serving the whole organization.

Networks & Protocols

Robust Data Engine

Onboard any on-chain & CeFi data source within hours for 100% asset coverage.

Custodians  & Exchanges

One Source of Truth

Created with multi-level data clustering and enrichment.

Networks & Protocols

The first Web3 financial data lake

Monitoring Layer 1 and DeFi activity in order to provide 100% data integrity

Custodians  & Exchanges

Your one source of truth

Created with multi-level data clustering and enrichment

CFO Team

100% Data

All your transactions reconciled and organized for audit, tax and reporting purposes.

Treasury Team

Asset Visibility

Monitor your assets in one view. Historical balances, performance analysis, exposure and risk calculation.

DeFi Analysts

DeFi Dashboard

The first enterprise grade analysis of your DeFi positions.

Executive Level

Company Estate

Executive overview of the company's financial status.
Your new financial HQ.

Engineering And Product

API First

OEM the data for you customers.
Use the data for internal use cases such as risk analysis and revenue operations.

Reduce 80% of Manual Spreadsheet Work

Control Your Transactions

The 1st Contextual Ledger.
Cross-chain, cross-platform, with business context.
You can filter, search and even add notes for each transaction.

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Know Your Financial Estate

Track your balances across all your wallets, accounts and platforms, with flexible search of historical data.

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Monitor Your Performance

Connect your executive team to the numbers, track your KPIs and easily monitor your exposure and growth.

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Export the Data You Need Using the Format You Want

If it's audit, tax or other financial analysis, just choose the required format and export immediately!

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Analyzed DeFi Positions for a Smooth Reporting Process

Need to account for your DeFi activity?
View your positions in detail and financial logic.

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ERP and API Automations

Streamline data to QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite and more!
Pull the data for internal usage such as Risk modeling and financial stress testing.

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We Support 1000+ crypto assets and platforms

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